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I was trying to come up with a theme for this blog and in doing so, come up with the perfect string of poetic phrases for this about section to make you ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ while reading them; but alas, when it is not straight from the heart true beauty in words will fail you and definitely fall short.

So here goes:

My name is Sophia and the purpose of this blog is to document my natural hair regimen to grow long natural hair, so that other beautiful ladies out there may be inspired to try it out. No more chemical relaxers for me to conform to a western and European standard of beauty. I want to add another voice to the natural hair community to help show us black sistas that we too can grow long hair.

I hope that I can show you that a simple regimen and love for yourself is all that is required to grow long healthy NATURAL hair.

I really hope that I can inspire some young beautiful girls to see their full potential and true inner beauty so that it can radiate out to the rest of the world. Do not ever be afraid to dream big dreams.

I hope you stay awhile at my channel and have fun. 🙂




Motto: Dare to Dream!


Be blessed!

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