Update: Scalp, grad,etc.

by missguidedgirl

Hello beautiful people!

I am still riding high on the joy of knowing that in less than 2 weeks I will  be a graduate of a university!! It still shocks me! I remember thinking in high school that graduating was a long-off, distant, one-day-to-be milestone that wasn’t tangible at all. Now the moment has finally arrived and I can’t believe it!!

I still have one more year of grueling study and tests and exams. But at least it is ONE year and not another 3 or more years. 😀

I bought my shoes already and I will do a post on all things grad: From hair to outfit to shoes to jewelry.

Anyways, about my scalp. A few weeks ago I had a terrible chemical burn to my scalp where 100% of the skin peeled and shed off. LUCKILY there does not seem to be a lasting effect that is detrimental to the health of my hair. I have been keeping my hair routine quite simple as usual and I think I have found a staple constant regimen that works for me. I’ve been consistent with what I do and I don’t see myself changing it up anytime soon. I’ll update you on that in Jan. I just wanna try it out for a few more weeks to be sure.

Here are some recent pics. My hair has been looking so good. 😀

How have you been??