Aftermath.. :( + Shout Out!!!

by missguidedgirl

“You were stupid. But you learned from it…”




Feeling depressed…

Ok. Not really. First of all, there is too much for me to be grateful about for me to be depressed about my hair. If worst case scenario were to happen, I already know what I look like with short hair. So no biggie.


My scalp feels ‘better’ in the sense that it isn’t inflamed/irritated anymore. Today the healing process started to show. My scalp is shedding the top layer of skin that was ‘burnt’ by the shampoo. I realise that it is going to take a few weeks to completely shed. And I guess I am ok with. it LOL! No choice about it, really..


I am concerned though that my hair is going to fall out. I don’t mind having short hair (eventually I will need to cut it off) but I can’t deal with the thought that I may have patchy awkward looking thin/sparse hair. So if it sheds, I will cut it all off and start over.

Which to be honest, I am kind of excited to do (if I have to). I don’t know. Longer hair requires so much more effort and I am tired. I just want/need a break. If it doesn’t shed though, YAY. LOL Contradiction much? But I am getting closer and closer to my goal of a huge fro. And that excites me. I just don’t think I like this in between stage. It’s not short but it’s defo not long. Meh :/

Anyways, just thought to update.


Thank you to IsleofAzure ( 


She has been super comforting (like my mommy) 🙂 *blush* and I dunno, if she hadn’t commented I think I would have died of utter hopelessness. And now I truly understand the value of a comment. Check out her blog!!! She is super sweet cool and writes well. 🙂


Be smart!