A new DC I am trying!

by missguidedgirl

“You live and you learn.”


Hello my precious petals of petunia!


New video! And I promised to write up about it too!



So, avocado. Why?


It is filled with fats (healthy and delicious fats) that moisturise your dry hair. I like it because it is thick and creamy and a little goes a long way.

It is also filled with vitamins that help to repaire your hair so it could be used on damaged hair to make it look a lot healthier.


My Mix:


1 half over ripe avocado

Some left over conditioner

Some olive oil

Some grapeseed oil

Water, if it is too thick


I used a blender to mix it all up and to get it nice and smooth. And it was freakin’ smooth. Like cream, or I don’t know. Just really smooth.


I applied it to my hair, avoiding the scalp (we don’t want build up) and left it on my hair overnight under a plastic bag. Rinsed out the next day.



My hair was super shiny and moisturised and soft, considering I had used a sulfate shampoo.


My only dislike was that it was good for detangling. So I suggest detangling before or after, but not with this mixture on your head.


Do you have any avocado DC recipes to share??


Ciao bellas xo