Huge Setback :(

by missguidedgirl

“You are your own biggest fan.”

Hello. Sigh. So…..

I don’t even know where to start. So yesterday I started my trial and error series of figuring out the best hair care regimen for me. At the moment I am focusing on Cleansing my hair. Because I have been struggling with dandruff (more to come I guess..) I decided to use Head and Shoulders shampoo (sulfate version!!!)

I have used it once before and it was fine. No harm done. However yesterday I had the smart idea of leaving the shampoo in my hair. The precess I was trying out was:

Apply shampoo to scalp and then without rinsing out, apply condiotner tereatment (DC Treatment). Leave that on for as long as required and then proceed to rinse out. CHEMICAL BURNNNN! 😦 I mean, it doesn’t take a genius to tell you that leaving on a strong shampoo for more than an hour on your scalp is going to cause problems. I should have know better. Sigh.

I’ll be rubbing some oils on my scalp to help reduce the inflammation. I might also have to invest in aloe vera gel/juice as I know that it has healing properties as well. I just hope that my hair doesn’t fall out. Boohoo me. :”(

Has something like this ever happened to you? Where you tried a new product/method and it backfired on your hair?

Ciao bellas :-*