Kimmaytube Leave-In Conditioner

by missguidedgirl

Hello my beautifully exquisite sunshine droplets!!!


Today I would like procrastinate some more by talking about the ever-so-popular KimmayTube Leave-in conditioner. Or is it still something that people talk about?


Don’t know Kimmaytube? Don’t know her leave-in??


The first person I ever became ‘obsessed’ with watching on the YT was Kimmaytube. I was addicted to her professional approach to her videos. She always was (is) very well informed, she broke down the hair care process into various elements and then she backed up her reasons for doing certain things by tons of easy to understand information. She studied books and encyclopedias and spoke to experts in order to understand her hair better. And because I love learning such detailed stuff, I took to her immediately!


She released a video about her leave in conditioner that many people say was the best they had ever used. But she took down her original video shortly thereafter. But you can still find recipes that other people have put up based on her recipe.


So, what was it about her leave-in that made people go wild?


She explained in one of her videos that her leave-in recipe was scientifically formulated to keep her hair follicles closed. In a nutshell, our hair has a pH of about 7 (roughly, I think). Most shampoos and conditioners have a pH of about 6-7. This is important because we need to lift the cuticles on the hair strands to be able to get in the moisture from our DC treatments, etc.


But after the DC process, we need to close those cuticles once again so that we can prevent moisture being lost too quickly. Her leave-in recipe achieved a pH of about 4 which was acidic enough to close the cuticles of the hair strand.


This had several benefits:


1) Her hair was able to maintain moisture for longer.

2) When the hair cuticles are closed, the hair is better able to reflect light and thus makes the hair look a lot shinier.


The ingredients in her leave-in conditioner recipe are:


Kinky curly knot today (You can use a conditioner of your choice)

Aloe vera gel/juice – which was the main ingredient for bringing down the pH level

Castor oil

Jojoba oil


So, I don’t have jojoba oil and I don’t plan on getting it. I will trade in the jojoba oil in this mixture for some olive oil or grapeseed oil or both and hopefully it won’t matter.


I will create the mix either this weekend or next weekend, depending on my time, laziness, etc. And I will let you know if I like it.


Mission find a leave-in is in full swing!


Thanks for all the suggestions I have received so far! I will definitely look into it and write something about it, my experiences, etc.


I love you all. *So happy*