I don’t know when my natural hair anniversary is :(

by missguidedgirl

We meet again my lollipop loves!


So, today in a furious state of productive procrastination (Yes,that is a serious thing amongst students) I was trying to judge whether my hair length was on ‘track’ for the amount of time I have been on this journey.

But I quickly realised that it was difficult, no let me take that back. It is damn near impossible to pin point a day or even the month when I last ‘big chopped’.

I have a general time frame of events from my first big chop till now:

December 2009 my first big chop 😀

2010 + 2011 Random hair cuts, braids.. Can’t really recall what I was doing with my hair.

Jan 2012 mom cut it again

April or May or June of 2012 I did a mini big chop





So those are the dates. I really can’t remember when I last chopped my hair. A huge contender is May 2012 because I was writing exams at the end of that month and I can just imagine being stressed out and going major ham on my hair!!


So I am going to pick May 2012 as the start of my hair journey.

Which would make me …. *does mental math, slowly. Gets it wrong. Whips out calculator. Pretends she thought it up all by her awesome self* 0.o

I am… *got distracted…oooh butterfly…ok not really…this is getting awkward..Oh btw this is what is like in my head…I talk to myself…anyways…*


OK, seriously.. I am: 1 year and 5 months!! Yippee!


I dunno, maybe this is just more FOMO on my part. Does this even matter? *shrugs*


But it is nice to see where I am length wise compared to the time I have been on the journey. Obviously I shouldn’t compare but I can look at others and make a professional judgement on my own progress.




How long have you lovely lollipops been on this beautiful journey?


Boa noite. Bom dia. Boa tarde! ❤