Remember my Hair Length Challenge?

by missguidedgirl

Well, I don’t. :-p


Oh Bom dia!!!!!!


So I was looking through my blog posts and came across my second post about my hair length challenge. LOL So ridiculous. The way I did calculations, shockingly no Excel Spreadsheets. Hehehe

Needless to say that I have forgotten completely about that challenge. I haven’t really given much thought to how long my hair is. My last length check was in December. I do know that my hair has grown which is awesome. But I haven’t even  gone as far as comparing current length to old pics. Like, that just doesn’t interest me anymore.


But, I am going on a protective style challenge. Or in other words (which is closer to the truth) I am soooo lazy with my hair. It has become just a routine thing I do, like brushing my teeth or what not.




Are any of you on a hair challenge of sorts?


Beijos xoxo


Ps: Aren’t teddies kind of disturbing/creepy? :-/