Stressed out!

by missguidedgirl


I am about 2 hours away from writing my last test of the semester, and while that would bring sweet sweet relief to many people, I have a headache, nausea, stomach cramps and fatigue. I am unable to breathe deeply and my nerves are all over the place.


On the brighter side of life, I decided to buy and eat a lollipop for the first time in years. I don’t really like sweets, I eat them sometimes, but I don’t really like them. So it was definitely a strange feeling eating the lollipop. Inside there was gum and after 20 secs my jaws hurt and I spat out the tasteless chewy stuff. Why do people chew gum for days and days on end?? I understand breathmints type gums because they give you nice smelling breath but no. no no no. I can’t be involved with chewing all the time.


Oh gosh, there I go procrastinating again. :/


I go study again.



On another side note, my english is atrocious. 😦