Bantu Knot Queen…

by missguidedgirl

Hello everyone





Today I washed my hair using my very easy “How To Quickly yet Gently Detangle Natural Hair” method. I don’t know if I have a blog post about it, I think I will upload during the week my very easy process.


Anyways, in the shower I set my hair into bantu knots and wore them like that for the day. Honestly, I didn’t go anywhere today 😦 but I would leave the house with these knots.




I have a feeling a super cute curly fro/knot out is to come, depending on the weather. For nightly maintenance I took down all the knots, tied them in a low bun/pony tail with ends tucked in and will sleep with my trusty old satin scarf (which actually needs a desperate wash ewwwww). I will wear the low bun until I need to film my next video sometime this week.


I go sleep now. Me very tired. Yawn.


Night night. 🙂