Oh that update! #VlogMeUp!

by missguidedgirl

Oh, right.


The update was meant to be about the fact I have started Vlogging. Yes, I joined the bandwagon. I just LOVE watching vlogs, I don’t get it. Especially when they have a baby. My favourites so far:


The Nive Nulls – Crazy weird funny

Dearnaptural85- Cute baby overload

ItsJudysLife- Uhm, CUTEST baby EVER and she is pregnant with TWINS! 😀

Lanicert- Homely and sweet.

Gabe and Babe TV- Cute, baby

BubVlogs- Funny awesome accent


Here is a link to my Vlog. Check it out son.



I hope that you get to enjoy my vlogs. I feel like I need to enjoy life just a little more. After my tests. :-p




😀 xoxo