200 YouTube SUBSCRIBERS + Update!

by missguidedgirl

Bo noite tudo mundo…


I am so EXCITED to announce that I reached 200 subscribers on my YouTube channel! I have been on a high all day, well not really. I had to study all day so I am not really having all that much fun. BUT I am still muy excited! I know, to some it is isn’t a lot and other channels have grown much faster than mine BUT who cares?? 200 is legit cool. At least in my humble opinion. I don’t know how many blog followers + E-mail followers I have to the blog but aaaah I am so excited by all of you! Very cool! I have made some “friends” too soon to call it that but you guys are hella interesting!

Update: Uhm, Sorry I know I haven’t blogged much. Does anyone even notice?? :-p hehe BUT it has been cray cray. I write my last test on Monday and then I have 4 weeks till my final exams and then I hopefully graduate!!! So I will be blogging regularly again and I look forward to it.


How have you all been?


My latest videos! ❤



Excuse the bad music editing. O.o




#GoofBall 🙂


Enjoy life xoxo