Trying new things…

by missguidedgirl

OLA beautiful people.






I think I have swallowed whole an individual that just oooooooozes good things. I have been on this hippie happy go lucky tip for a while now, appreciating everyone and everything. I have fallen in love with the world and I am hoping the world will love me back.



braids 4



Last week I filmed a make up tutorial. WHAT? Yeah, I did. Why? [Uploading the video as I speak!]



mke up thumbnail



Well definitely NOT because I am good at doing make up or I want to become a make up artist. I am just in this phase of my life where I want to do it all. See what I can achieve, good or bad (hopefully good). I always used to be the person who would admire everything that everyone else was doing and think to myself, “Damn, those people are cool.”\


Well I also want to be cool. LOL. Not ‘wear my grandma’s clothes and call myself hipster’ cool but I want to be someone that does things that are not the norm, unconventional, fun, random. I want people to be like “Oooh that chick is cool”:-p


And I think there is nothing wrong with wanting to step out of the shadows, being someone of interest. To be hopefully inspirational to someone out there. To show that you can do anything your hearts desires.







Is there a point to all this rambling?

UHM….. Not really. I miss my hair. The braids are heavy, I miss doing twist outs, I miss my hair. Period. But alas what must be done must be done. And in the mean time I will continue to offer my inner secret thoughts about life and the beauty that goes with it.


Don’t you just love life?


Bom dia!

Missguidedgirl xo