Braids :)

by missguidedgirl

Hey guys!




Braids 2




Hope you all had an awesome weekend. The sun was shining on Sunday and I had the most amazing day with the most amazing people. Haaaa, life is good even in the midst of a storm. πŸ˜€



braids 3



Ok, so last week Wednesday I finished installing braids. I did the process myself and although I was extremely lazy with the installation process I must say that the process is getting easier.



braids 4



My braiding technique is improving and the overall look is decent. Some things I am still struggling with is how to judge how much fiber to use. I made the sections medium to small in size, smaller than I previously would do them, but I like the smaller size. I just don’t particularly like the weight of the braids. I would take a section hair and previous i would cut it in half and thus use less fiber overall. This time because I wanted them long, I did not cut the braids in half. So now the braids are kinda heavy. But they are also long. I’m considering cutting then to mid back length just to put less pressure on my follicles.



braids 8



If you would like a post how to get started on braiding your own hair, just things to keep in mind when starting out let me know in the comments below.