New Hair Regimen???

by missguidedgirl


Twist Out


I freaked out when I thought that I might have a new hair regimen.

BUT. Turns out it is not new in its entirety. It is actually quite old. Enough babbling.

Last year when I started this blog I had a totally different hair routine to the one that I have now.

I opted around December time to go more natural with my hair products. Thus, the introduction of bentonite clay.


I still love bentonite clay, OF COURSE. I think that is the best or rather one of the best types of natural ways to cleanse your hair and scalp.

Now here is my issue. I have delayed mentioning the fact that I have experienced hair shedding for a couple of months because I thought that maybe it was just part of my hair cycle. Shed a little, grow a little, break a little.

But I stopped using my all natural assortment of natural hair cleansers and opted for a cheapie store bought sulphate packed shampoo and silicone clad conditioner form the grocery store to treat my hair instead and the shedding has almost completely stopped.

So, moral of the story is: Maybe my head/scalp prefers to be squeaky clean to thrive. Which is fine for me. But we all know that sufate shampoos can be quite drying on the hair. Meaning more protective styling, such as braids, like these:


And regular deep conditioning treatments. Regular as in weekly. Which I haven’t done for a while. It is more like every other week because my hair is just more moisturised.

Also, no more regular out styles like twist outs, bantu knot outs, etc for me: 😦




Sadly, I have to  jump back into the world of protective styling on a very rigid schedule again. Which is YAY and NAY.




Anyways, I have to go to a lecture.

I will talk about my “symptoms” of the all natural path I chose, how I managed to cure the symptoms, how to avoid it happening again and where to from here in the next series of posts!

Oooh, inspiration to blog!!! 😀

Also, I am trying to be consistent with my blogging but I really struggle with internet. It is abundant here on campus but usually I just do not have much time. Also, i do not have a memory/flash stick (hmmmm I should just get one!!!!) so taking pics at home, then exporting off the camera SD card, then importing to the flash then exporting to the PC on campus. Bleh, such a schlepp. And I prefer to write posts accompanied by pictures.

Sorry I was babbling again.

I LOVE YOU all. Thanks for reading. It really means alot to me. 😀

Interact with me in the comments, I’d love that.

Missguidedgirl xo