OOTD Back To School!

by missguidedgirl

Hello beautiful people.









I was going to say that is is a beautiful morning but actually it is quite chilly today. The clouds have swept back in and they are teasing us constantly with the threat of rain. I don’t like to complain though so I used my mood this morning to shoot some pics.











Today I decided to make a bit more effort with my outfit. In stead of flats, like sneakers which I usually opt for I decided to wear my heeled ankle boots. I love these boots because they are easy and comfy to wear around campus without making my feet tired. I paired them with the traditional blue denim jeans and threw on a slouchy red and white knit jersey.
















The jeans are really slim fit which are perfect for any figure. And if you are worried that your hips/thighs are too big, throwing on a long Tee or long  jersey like I did will give your booty the perfect silhouette.












My hair is in protective medium twists for the moment. The Namibian winter was harsh and I needed to hide my ends. More on that soon. Editing is a nightmare right now. :-p


Lots of jelly love.


Missguidedgirl xo