New Video Upload | Easy Detangling Method

by missguidedgirl

Hey guys,


New video alert on my YouTube channel. Detangling. The task we love to hate and hate to love. Hope it helps. Do enjoy!



PS: Long time no post.

There is a reason for it. Really, there is! *Guilty*


I am out of town for two weeks (first week has just passed). I am on internship out of town, at the coast here in Namibia. So I haven’t had much time to blog a lot.


BUT also, I really fed up with my webcam and will be able to afford to my new camera once I get paid YAY!!!!!! So finally I will HD pictures of my hair. Gosh, I really am so over blurry webcam pictures. And I will be able to take my camera out and about and shoot pics and vids wherever I want, which will definitely make for more exciting YT videos, so definitely make sure to subscribe!


Any ways, I hope you are all fabulous. I might do a week in my work wardrobe this coming week because I have this new found love for fashion. Well, not really BUT I have some really cool clothes that I have been wearing at the office and I felt like I was the most dressed up person there. I usually am a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl but that is only because I am on campus, or in the library, at my flat or at capoeira training. I don’t have time for fancy clothes because I hardly go elsewhere. But that is a topic for an entirely other day.


Lots of love and positivity!


xoxo MWA