Home, Hair and Boot camp?

by missguidedgirl



So. Finally arrived home this morning around 7am after a very peaceful but long bus ride. It’s about 21 hours from Cape Town to Windhoek so I always have to mentally prepare myself for the bus ride. But funny enough I have gotten used the trip that it doesn’t bother me much anymore. Picture0529

BUT enough about that! I am home and so excited because I have much to accomplish this holiday.

Usually I have plans but never carry through with them because uhm DUH it’s holiday. And after a LONG semester I do  not want to commit to any work. BUT things have changed and it’s time to start doing things.


1. Do NOT get fat. LOL

2. Vac work as usual. 😀

3. Hair


Now since this is a hair blog, that is where I will start.

I was very lax with my hair these past few months. I was not completely bad but definitely slacking in my regimen.

At some point I stopped using my shea butter and after a while stopped moisturizing my hair daily.

I even stopped sleeping with my satin scarf!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😮




Plan on Action this holiday:


I want to get into a routine of doing co-wash during the week to ensure that my hair stays adequately moisturised. I’ll probably use a store bought conditioner on my hair and just rinsed out in the shower. Nothing too fancy. I’ll probably not wear my hair out as much just because I do not want to become overwhelmed with all the hair work I have to do. Medium sized twists really worked for me and I’ll just retouch the twists once a week or so when I do a deep conditioning treatment.

I’ll go back to weekly DC treatments with mayo. Prior to that I’ll do a hot oil treatment (probably over night).


This is the regimen that I used to have last year and it worked really well for me. I’ll spritz my hair day and night and sleep with water. I might go out and buy some aloe vera juice. I ran outta juice a while back and never restocked…. (hmm :-?)


But before all f that I need to put my hair through intense boot camp to revitalise my hair again. 🙂


A post on hair boot camp to follow shortly. I just need to figure out what it is I need.