And We’re Back!

by missguidedgirl

Hey guys,

Look who has come out to play!! I took out the braids on Thursday night, applied some heated Olive Oil to my dry hair and slept with a plastic bag overnight. Then did a deep conditioning treatment with some ingredients. *See next post* I wasn’t particulalry impressed with the results afterwards. Rinsed that all out and washed my hair with bentonite clay. After all that I was TIRED and ANGRY *lol* so I put in some chunky twists. Wore a twistout on saturday but hid it in a low ponytail to stretch it out. Saturday night I retwisted into smaller sections using the method that Naptural85 has popularised and created bantu knots and wham bam! Awesome hair the next day.



I wore my hair out and about for the day and by the end of the night the hair had puffed out a but still had good definition. (I don’t know why people say 4c hair can’t achieve day 2 hair. And it was quite humid out on Sunday).


hair 2



I loved the way it looked and felt at the end of the day. Nice and full and fluffy with good definition. But the weather forecast predicted rain so I didn’t wanna risk it. I restwisted at night- easist method ever, no recombing, no detangling, just twisting back in the same old sections that already exist- makes this the perfect low manipulation style for us 4c girls who enjoy wearing our hair out- BUT more on that later. So as I said, retwisted for bed and used just a little conditioner to moisturise and put back the bantu knots. Next day- Monday- TODAY *lol* I just removed the front knot to keep it cute and wore a beanie with my satin scarf underneath.


hair 3


Will probably be rocking the beanie this week while the rain is around. Hoping to record a new video these weekend after doing another deep conditioning treatment.


How you ladies (and men) doing? Lovin’ the journey? I sure am. It has grown soooo much! 😀 #excited


Have a successful and fun week!