It’s been a minute: Quick Hair Update!

by missguidedgirl

IMG00249-20121129-1825Wow! It’s been a minute. I hope you are all well and having a good time with life, love and anything else that you find could be enjpyed. LOL.


Ok Quick hair update:

I put in these medium twists braids about 2 weeks ago. (3 weeks ago on Friday). And I plan to keep them in for a nother week. Maybe more but they aren’t looking to great. #lazy

I haven’t had a good deep conditioning treatment for my hair in a while so when i take them out I’m going to go all out and spoil this beauty. Thinking maybe a protein treatment that is ultra mositurising. And of course I will be using the bentonite clay to wash my hair. **LOVE THAT STUFF**

And then I’ll probably record a video or two for my youtube channel.


Otherwise, hair is doing well, life is doing me well and yeah.



Keep grinding people! 😉




PS: Anything you been doing differently for your hair? is it growing? Or any issues you been having?