Natural Hair Rant! Return Of The Botch Braid Experience!

by missguidedgirl

The overreaching effects of my bad braiding experience.

So I just wanted to vent a bit. Or rather just be sad. Or both. Picture0428 Picture0445

I got my hair braided last year into Senegalese twists and they looked great. But as I was taking them out, I found out- to my HORROR- that the lady had tied knots on the bases of EACH twist. PISSSSSSED! It was a nightmare taking the braids out. It was so bad that after 4 days of butchering my hair, I went to a salon to get some assistance. But unfortunately they struggled as well. They had to resort to using a BLADE to cut the knot so that they could remove the braids. Later as I was washing my hair I noticed a bunch on small tufts of hair scattered around my head that wear extremely short- like 1 inch in length. I was like- whoah! What the moFO happened??? I quickly realized that the razor had cut some of my hair ALL OVER MY HEAD. I couldn’t even blame them. It wasn’t their fault. Even the sections where I had worked had short pieces here and there. I BLAME THE FOOOOOOLISH STUPID lady who did my hair.

I actually notice that my hair has thinned out because of all the short pieces. I am not devastated because hair grows back. But I miss my full head of hair. And I feel like the lady who did my hair should have used her brain and common sense when installing the braids.


Anyways, I want to make an addendum to my hair goals of 2013. I wanna regain my fullness again. That’s what I am going to focus on.


I just wanted to share that tragic tragic experience with you.

Sigh. Does it ever get easy? This natural hair journey.