My Bentonite Clay Mud Wash

by missguidedgirl

Hey guys,

So I usually don’t get caught up in fads and trends when it comes to my hair. But for a while now I have wanted to try cleaning my hair with bentonite clay. I have heard a lot of amazing things about it and I’m even trying it out as a face mask. Check out my previous post!

What I currently use is an all natural hair shampoo that is 100% organic and I have absolutely no problem with it. But I am not in love with it either. I recently found some organic bentonite clay at a local organic goods store and I just had to buy it. I wanted to try bentonite clay to see if I could get an even better experience.

I just took out a set of braid extensions and my hair was quite tangled and there was shed hair that needed to be removed. So I just put my hair into 8 chunky twists and did some detangling!

Like most naturals I wash my hair in twists. But for me, I have to do this because 4c hair has an intense amount of shrinkage and it is much easier to work with my hair in twists.

This clay is super economical because I only needed a little bit. I mixed a few table spoons of clay to an equal number of tbsps of apple cider vinegar (avc) and an equal number of tablespoons of Aloe Vera juice (avj). Oh and don’t forget to add oils which will add moisture to the mixture.Bentonite Clay Mud Wash

I mixed the clay to be thick in consistency because I didn’t want it to be runny and creating a mess all over the place.

Awesome! Now to use the mud! I wanted to test the true powers of the mud on my hair, so when I detangled I didn’t use any product and I won’t use a conditioner afterwards. Just me and the mud.

Time to put it to the test!

I apply the mud like any other shampoo to the hair section by section, working back to front. I applied a decent sized amount of mud to my scalp and rubbed. Then the remainder of the product I applied to the rest of my hair shaft. I comb out the section to remove any remaining shed hair and to remove all knots. Once the comb could glide through the section cleanly I twisted it back up.

If the hair starts to dry out, don’t worry, grab a spray bottle and wet your hair and keep working.

Why wash my hair with mud? Bentonite clay has amazing cleaning properties. It cleans the hair and scalp by drawing out impurities that cause dandruff and itchy scalp, and lifts off the dirt gently without leaving your hair dry. It smoothes onto the hair easily and provides a ton of slip, making it perfect for detangling. The best part about this is that you don’t need to condition or deep condition afterwards because the mud wash is naturally moisturizing. My hair literally melted apart when washing out the mud. And all of this after just one use. This is truly amazing stuff!

Once the entire head is done, place a shower cap or plastic bag on your head and leave on for 30 mins.

Oh and didn’t I mention that I use this for my face as well? Apply to the face. And when the mask has dried, jump into the shower and rinse it all out.


My hair moisturized, detangled, scalp was uber clean and I definitely will use this again. I’m pretty sure that after a couple of uses my hair is going to be transformed. At least I hope so.

There will be a video upload soon on how I used it.


Thanks so much for visiting the blog and until next time,