Bentonite Clay Face Mask!

by missguidedgirl

Hey guys,

So I did a bentonite clay mask. I finally found some of the clay in a local (Cape Town) organic store and I really wanted to try it out as an alternative hair wash.


But I am still in my braids so until then I decided to go on and try it as a face mask.

I mixed 1/2 teaspoons with water to form a paste. I applied a thick coat to my face and left it on for 20 minutes.

I rinsed off with warm water and blotted my face dry. I applied a tiny amount of grapeseed oil. I have done this for 2 days now and I won’t yet offer an opinion. I guess I will try it out a few more times before deciding if I like it or not.


As I applied the paste to my face, it kinda felt like I was using mint or peppermint on my face. It was a cool tingly sensation.

My face has a healthy fresh glow to it. I feel like I have exfoliated but without my face feeling like its been completely stripped dry. I wanted to test how moisturizing it is for my skin. After washing it off, I did not apply the oil for half an hour. My face did start to feel a bit taut and I definitely needed a moisturizer. So if you have dry skin, try not to use the clay to often because it is already drying.

I did notice that some of my pores were cleaned out. It looked like I had extremely tiny craters on my face.

I will use the clay as a face mask for the next 5 days and then afterwards, twice a week.

I do plan to add ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) to the next application. It is apparently really good for acne prone skin.

I will keep you updated.


Oh and I will be doing a demonstration and ‘my thoughts’ video about how it worked as a hair wash. Look out for that!


As always, until the next one,