2013 Hair Regimen For My 4B/C Hair

by missguidedgirl

Hey guys,

Yes! Another post. Last one for the night. I think. :-p


First of all: Is there any difference between 4b and 4c? Like seriously?


My regimen will pretty much be the same as last year, with only a few slight variations.

I do wanna create a solid regimen that is completely fool proof for this stage of my hair journey.

SO here it is!

Cleansing: With shampoo about every 4 weeks depending on the condition of my scalp. (If it changes I will be sure to let you know.)

Conditioning: On the weeks where I do not shampoo (although also on shampoo day) I will deep condition once a week. I will alternate between protein treatments and moisturising treatments. I use homemade recipes and I am currently working towards perfecting the best recipe with the best ingredients for my hair.  Once I am ready to share the recipe I shall do so. 🙂

Protective styling: OK, because I am quite active, I prefer to wear my hair in braids. I will install the braids myself. I will do them once a month or perhaps less often. Just depending on how they look. And then take them out let my hair breathe, do a few hairstyles for a week and pop them back in. I will just deep condition with braids in.

Trimming: I will trim as needed but probably after 6 months. So in June and again in December.

And that is it. So simple. I don’t have the patience and energy to try all kinds of crazy stuff. My hair likes to be left alone. It thrives best under these conditions.

Oh and of course I’ll still sleep with a satin scarf and wash my hair in twists and oil my scalp. But that’s obvious.

What are your plans for your hair? Stepping it up? Or cooling it down? Do tell!