How to Tell If Your Hair is Moisturised while Wearing Braids!

by missguidedgirl

Hey guys,


Here is a quick tip on how to tell if your hair is moisturised while wearing braids.

The test I use is to inspect my edges and my roots. If they are springy and bounce back when pressed down, then your hair is sufficiently moisturised.

If they are crunchy and rigid, and do not really spring back naturally then your hair is likely to be dry.



Our hair has a tendency to be dry and I have accepted that to be normal. It’s not a good thing but it’s also not bad either. That is just the way our hair is. There are ways to remoisturise our hair to keep it soft and supple.


If  you haven’t been moisturising your hair while in braids, well then I think the remedy is obvious: Moisturise!

If you have been moisturizing and your hair still feels dry, you may need to step up your regimen a little.


2 Quick Suggestions on what to do:

>> Deep condition with your favourite conditioner for a few hours and use a hooded dryer if you have one. Otherwise sit in the sun for minutes at a time or wrap a warm t-shirt or towel over your DC cap. Do this about once a week.

>>You could also mist your hair before bed as usual with water and put on your DC cap. And go to bed. The water will revitalise your strands and your strands will be bouncy and soft the next morning! This can be done 3 times a week.

>>Sleep with a satin/silk scarf or on satin/silk pillow case. Even though you are in braids and feel like that is enough to protect your hair, you still need to sleep on silk. The braids already remove moisture from your hair, so using the satin bonnet will prevent your hair from becoming overly dry.

>>Add Aloe Vera juice to your water spritz to have a more moisturising effect.

>>Wear scarves during the day to protect your hair from the sun.


Hope these tips help!!


Now time to formulate my 2013 hair goals!

Ciao amigos and Happy New Year!!! Feliz Ano Novo tudo mundo!!!!! ❤