4C Hair and The Roller Set!

by missguidedgirl

Hey guys,

So I was thinking of how I should go about stretching my hair for installing braids next week. I just did my protein treatment and I figure, this is the best time to go back into protective styling which I love oh, so much! ❤

I do not like to use heat on my hair, for many reasons, and I had to decide what to do. We have rollers at home and I remember that when I was young my mom used to roll my hair to stretch it for braiding. When my mom put them in for me they hurt like a MoFo!!!! but they always gave me great shine and soft bouncy hair. Roller Set

So I roller set my hair. And it hurts like a freakin’ MOFOOOOOO! LOL! I mean I didn’t even make them that tight at all but the pressure on my scalp is way too much to be something I would do regularly. I don’t think I’ll sleep on them. Which could potentially be a problem because the curls will be ruined during the night. But rather ruined curls than a sore scalp.

I thought about buying flexi rods or something similar but I have seen a few tutorials on YouTube where the 4c hair flexi rod set did not come out great. They don’t give the best shine on our hair unless you pull the hair really taut. I don’t know. Perhaps when I have more length they may be worth the investment and then I will make it my mission to get the best flexi rod set for my hair.

I recorded the whole process. I’m gonna YT later today. Perhaps it will help someone out there. Perhaps not.