Finger detangle much?

by missguidedgirl

Hey guys,

So, for the past half year or so I have kept my regimen pretty much consistent. As I have mentioned before, I like to keep things simple and easy. I don’t think I would enjoy my hair so much if it were to become laborious and overly time consuming. Just not my style.

But I have been experimenting for the past week with something new. I am so over my product junkie ways AMEN! but I still do crave now and then, to mix things up and keep my regimen fun and exciting. So for the pat week I have been finger detangling my hair.

In fact I did not use a comb at all! So perhaps I should say that I am on a comb free trial period. Since trimming my hair, I do experience less tangling and knotting. But only to a minor degree. At my length (which really isn’t all that much) no matter how much I detangle or trim or whatever, my hair is just so curly it’s going to knot. Period. And that’s OK.

I accept that my hair is just that way.

The reason why I am going to try this new method is because other naturals have claimed that it reduces breakage that is caused by combs. I put the theory to the test this past week while I have been wearing my hair in twist outs this week. I dry finger detangled and finger combed, etc and I must admit that I LOVE it! When working with my fingers, I can easily pull apart knots that I would otherwise have torn through.

I do not want to speak too soon but I thought I might as well just put it out there. I will report back after a few weeks to let you know if 4c hair and finger work really is the ish!


Happy Holidays!!!!!

See you in a while. Going a family vacation. ❤