Day 3 Twist Out

by missguidedgirl

Hey guys,

I’ve heard a lot of stories of ladies with 4c hair who claim that a twist out won’t last more than a day, especially in humid weather. I have been rocking my twist out for the past 3 days now and I am absolutely loving it!! It still has mad definition for the most part. day 3 twist out

I do spritz my hair with water in the morning when styling for the day and again at night before going to bed and of course, I expected the hair to start looking crazy but it can’t be helped. I can still leave the house and that’s all that matters.

I retwisted the ‘bangs’ just to give the front (which people see first) some much needed definition but otherwise I just put my hair in a low bun at night and that has helped to keep the hair nice and 3 twist out 2

I love how simple it is to maintain and when I want to retwist it, all I have to do is spritz with water and put in chunky twist. I find my hair separates better if I just finger detangle. I find that using a comb to detangle interrupts with the natural coils that our hair forms on its own. That’s why I opt to just finger detangle lightly and retwist.


How do you maintain your twist outs past day one??

Thanks and have an awesome weekend!