Stretching the twist out Tip of the day! <3

by missguidedgirl

Hey guys,

So I’m just popping in to share a quick tip with you all!

I went around town running a few errands and I was absolutely loving my new hairstyle, aaaaand of course, the day I do a twist out it is hot and humid!!!! I noticed that my hair was starting to puff up just slightly. And I also new that it was only going get more humid! [And I was right, it just started to drizzle!!]

So to stop my hair from getting all big and puffy as opposed to light and fluffy and curly, I just pulled it all into a low ponytail and put on a scarf. This way I will be able to keep it stretched in this humidity!picssssssssssss


Like this!!! >>>>>>>>>


If you are planning on going out in the evening, just pull off the scarf and ponytail holder and fluff out your stretched hair. This is also a great way to keep it stretched when going to bed! It’s really that simple and you will be able to wear your twist out for a few days before having to redo this!

Until the next one,