I had a dream!

by missguidedgirl

Hey guys!

LOL. So last night I had a dream about black men and their hair. I know, right?? Weird! O.o In fact the dream was about Lloyd  and his hair, as well as some men I knew personally. I think the reason for this was because I listened to Lloyd’s song before going to bed. 😀


It has sparked a lot of interest in me. I don’t know why. Ok!! I know why! Haven’t you noticed that they have awesome long hair yet they don’t do half the things we women do to our hair!!! I know!! It irks me too!

I once asked a ehem, friend? what he did with his hair to have it grow so long when mine was falling away. And he said that his hair liked to be left alone.

Blank stare on my part.

He liked his to be left alone? What did that mean?

He didn’t deep condition. He didn’t seal. He didn’t pre-poo. What does that mean about all I was doing in my hair regimen? And honestly my regimen is more on the simple side. I have heard of regimens where ladies wash their every 3 and 3/4 days and co-wash ever 1 and 1/2 days and finger detangle with their left hand only. O.o  Am I exaggerating?? And yet they don’t experience the hair growth they want or expect. They including myself. Pfft. All he did was shampoo once in a while and otherwise have his hair in some sort of plaited style.


I am curious as to how I can implement that mentality to my regimen. I like to keep things pretty simple already but what if what I am doing is being counter productive? Or am I freaking out for no good reason? I have witnessed and experienced first hand the benefits that deep conditioning and oil treatments and pre-pooing, etc. have on our hair and so I cannot say that it has all been in vain. But perhaps the mentality stems from an entirely different reason.

A watched pot doesn’t boil. Whoever said that is a liar because I have watched a pot boil before. (Raised brow). Perhaps I should say that you cannot watch grass grow. Now that is true. When I think about what they all have in common is that they all practice long term protective styling. They put their hair away[Side note: Wasn’t Snoop Dogg always getting his braided in his music videos??] and go on with life. Which is difficult for most ladies because we want to play in our hair.

No point in trying to grow it long when you can’t show it off, right??

But then you might ask: Sophia isn’t your hair always in braids!? LOL and that is so true. So, does that mean I am a boy? On the inside? Well??



Disclaimer: I am almost completely positive I am all femme fatale. (The good kind.) I digress……


Anyways, I guess that at the end of the day women are not expected to treat their hair like men. Because we like to wear our hair out and about, the more treatment is going to be needed in order to keep our hair healthy and moisturised.

Conclusion: Our hair regimens are not in vain and we can rest assured that if they were rocking twist outs and puffs all the time, they to would be DCing the hell out of their hair.


Have a great weekend.