Natural Hair Growth and Terminal Length: Part 2

by missguidedgirl

Hey guys,

I hope ya’ll had an amazing weekend because I sure did. Went away down to the south of Namibia to a lodge along the Orange River. We went canoeing and swimming in the river and lounged by the pool! Was so relaxing!! 🙂

Anyways back to hair. As always.

So in my last post I spoke about how I was able to find hope in being able to grow my hair. I mentioned how Kimmaytube had mastered her own hair and that I aim to do that with my hair as well. Which I think I have. We’ll see.

When I first heard about terminal hair growth and was reading some very poorly researched blog posts on the topic I freaked out because I thought that my terminal length was shoulder length. I was so disheartened because I really wanted to grow my afro out huge. ( I still do!) Anyways, I started trimming my hair a lot and convinced myself that I actually looked better with short hair, lol, very sad indeed. I was convinced that because I had never had long hair before that of course I never would have long hair. Ever! But when I look back now at how lacking my hair care regimen was I realize that there was no way my hair could have ever grown long.

So now on to terminal length.

I still don’t know exactly how to apply this in my hair journey. I believe the science behind hair growth. Hair growth is broken down into 3 main cycles- Anagen (growth), Catagen (transitional phase- getting ready to shed) and the Telogen phase (resting phase of the follicle before the growth cycle begins). The length of time of duration in each cycle varies amongst us. I have heard that it varies between 2-6 years and 3-7 years for anagen/growth phase.

Many people speak of terminal length as if each person has a certain length that their hair can reach before it stops growing. However, I agree with the consensus that it is nearly impossible to determine the terminal ‘length’. We should rather consider our terminal ‘length of time’. It is believed that if we can determine what it is we can then calculate how long could potentially grow.

However, it would be nearly impossible, if not impractical to calculate that. There are various factors that affect our hair growth; genetics, hormones, stress, nutrition, circulation, overall health etc and all these factors affect our hair growth. It would be impossible to say how much each factor would affect our hair growth to calculate what our terminal length would be after x amount of time.

So the point I am trying to get to is that I want to have some sort of goal for hair length that I can work towards but I also want to be realistic. If one day my aspiration is to have waist length hair, then I will go for it but I am not going bust a bone and break my bank trying to get to hip bone length. Which I think looks a tad bit ridiculous.

For more detailed and quality information on the topic, I recommend an article written by Audrey Davis-Sivasothy ‘Terminal Length and the Role of Genetics in Black Hair Care’. (

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What are your opinions on terminal ‘length’?


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