Natural Hair Growth And Terminal Length: Part 1

by missguidedgirl

Hey guys,

I was watching some good old Kimmaytube videos on youtube and I came across her hair growth videos, which she has been documenting for the past ten years and more. She has type 4a hair and has some really great advice on hair care, especially for those who like to know more details as to why certain products work and make your hair act a certain way. She is famous for her leave in  recipe and pH knowledge which she uses in her regimen to get certain looks. She recently launched her own product line, although I doubt I will be using any of them. But do feel free to head on over to YT for some awesome reviews.

The reason I mention Kimmaytube is because I am on a hair growth journey. A hair growth journey is a term that became popular in the natural hair community as a result of many naturals wanting to grow their hair to certain lengths that they had never achieved before. My hair goal length is 15 inches (Read my post here on my hair length challenge – That is a very conservative goal but I would rather be realistic, right?

Anyways, when I started my HLJ (Hair Length Journey) I was skeptical that I would be able to grow my hair longer than past my neck (:-p) and my sister thought that I was insane to think that I could even get it past my shoulders. So we made a bet . A few years later I took the bet seriously after reading about natural hair and here I am today! 🙂

In the past 6 months I have been able to maintain a steady rate of growth by implementing some basic routines. My front hair is past my lower lip and is the longest it has been in such a long time. I will do a length check at the end of this month (my first official YAY) to see how far I have come.

But I do believe that it is possible for anybody, regardless of what hair type you may have, to grow long and HEALTHY hair. It just takes patience, time, a regimen and understanding of your own hair to make it happen.

And yes,even though I have never had long hair before, neither did Kimmaytube. Her hair was always at neck length before she decided to learn about natural hair maintenance. And only once she started to implement the best techniques for her, did her hair start to grow. So if you are in doubt, I suggest watching her videos on her hair length journeys ( Here is the first segment – ).

I hope that is enough encouragement to those who want long hair. It IS possible! So 15 inches here I come!!

Next part will be about terminal hair length and how that affects hair length journeys.


Are any of you on HLJ? How is it going?

Until next time,