Moisturising tip: Protect your hairline!

by missguidedgirl

Hey guys,

I was thinking over the course of yesterday about how I have been able to retain length in my hairline. I watched a YT video somewhere or read on a blog (I can’t remember) that one of the main reasons that we are unable to retain length around our hairlines is because we forget to moisturise it!

I am not talking about our sweet baby hairs that will always be short. I am referring to the hair directly after that. The hair in the front that should be a bang but it hardly ever reaches our eye brows because it keeps on breaking off. Or the hair in the nape. After watching/reading I started to pay closer attention my hairline. I made to sure to spray water on it and oil it as much as I did the rest of the head.

The results have been positive. My hairline looks great and my fringe is past my lips now. So I can definitely attest to the power of moisturizing the delicate hairline. Of course, you have to combine this with other great hair care practice.

Hope that tip helps someone else out there!


Do you care for your hairline? What treatments have helped you out?


Until next time,