Moisturise your braids!

by missguidedgirl

Hey guys,


I know how easy it is to forget about your natural hair after you install braids. However, to have a successful braiding experience where you retain all your length, instead of having your ends break off, you should ensure that you moisturise your hair.
I apply the same rules to my braided hair as I do my free hair when it comes to moisturization, apart from a few things.

Here is what I do to keep my hair moisturized!!!:


I love you!!!!! <3

I love you!!!!! ❤


I spray my hair with my water mix of 1 part Aloe Vera juice (or gel) to 2 parts water. Sometimes I add oils if my hair is drier (in winter). But because it is summer and more humid, I do not need to add the oils. I spray my hair twice (or three times) a day, in the morning and in the evening. I make sure the hair is damp and that the water is covering my entire hair strand.

I baggy my hair as often as I can. If not overnight, then for the entire day if I am just at home. This is essential because when our hair is in braids, we should avoid using creamy products on our braids. This will prevent hair build up on the scalp and around the area where the braid starts. (This also makes the take down process easier as there won’t be a ball of white dirt to pull apart.)

I also continue to sleep with my silk head scarf. This has two purposes. First, I keep hair looking neater for longer, as the scarf helps to lay my hair down (including baby hair). Secondly, and more importantly, especially in the case where I am not baggying, I use the silk head scarf to ensure that the moisture that I have put in is retained as long as possible. So that overnight, the moisture does not escape as easily.

CONDITIONING (DEEP) our hair while in braids is also really important. I tend to avoid using my Yogurt or Egg/Mayo DC treatments just because I find that it is hard for me to rinse them out properly and the smell may linger in the braids. I usually use my ORS Deep Replenishing DC treatment (I LOVE IT <3) mixed with water for a runnier texture and spray it on my hair. I leave it on as long as I feel like it and then rise out THOROUGHLY.

I do not really shampoo my hair all that often but perhaps after 3 or 4 weeks I will wash my hair. Just make sure to only wash your scalp only and not the actual hair (may cause extra dryness) and follow up with the DC treatment.

And lastly oil your scalp! This helps to replenish your scalp with the oils that it lost during the wash process. It prevents dandruff, itchiness, dryness and promotes hair growth and decreases hair fall. It also feels good (who doesn’t like a head massage??) and improves blood circulation to the hair follicles which also promotes hair growth.

I hope this helps and that your current/next braiding experience turns out to be the best one yet!

If there is anything you do differently let me know! 🙂

Until next time,



PS: Style I wear mostly. Top bun! So cute! 🙂