My TOP 8 Tips to keep your hair MOISTURISED.

by missguidedgirl

Hey guys,

I have been meaning to write this post for soooooo long!!! >< but just never got round to doing it. But for anyone that is interested, I thought I might as well add my two cents and first hand knowledge on how to keep my hair moisturized. Hope you enjoy!


1. Wash your hair regularly!

  • Although I do not wash  my hair often in the traditional sense regularly (about once a month or less;my hair likes it that way), i.e. with shampoo, I still do cleanse and moisturise my hair weekly (if my hair style permits). I try to do a deep conditioning weekly, alternating between a protein deep conditioning treatment and a moisturizing DC treatment.


  • If you find that your hair seems to be dry all the time, try to start incorporating co-washing into your routine. Co-washing is when you cleanse your hair with conditioner instead of shampoo. You can do it daily if necessary without the fear of your hair drying out. This way your hair still gets a good cleansing while avoiding the harsh stripping effect that shampoos have.

2. Use water based moisturizing products!

  • If you are using Vaseline or Vaseline type products to ‘moisturize’ your hair and do not wash your hair with a good shampoo regularly, you will find that your hair will be dry, unmanageable and prone to excessive tangles. This is because you have created a impenetrable barrier on your hair shaft that makes it impossible for water to pass through to the inner cortex of the hair. To avoid dry hair try to use a product that is water based. (First or first few ingredients is aqua 😉 ). If you are not using a water-based product, all you need to remember is to wash your hair often with shampoo and not only conditioner. But I am sure you can see the spiral forming. Shampoo causes drier hair, applying a oil based moisturizer leads to dryness fixed by shampooing. The end result is brittle hair that breaks as the wind blows.

3. Deep condition your hair!

  • I can vouch for the power of deep conditioning. And I am not alone! Read blogs and watch videos and all will tell you that their regimen would fall to shambles without deep conditioning. There is no specific way it has to be done: It can be done either before you wash your hair (particularly if you co-wash) or after you apply shampoo. I personally apply it as my main process. In other words, when I am not shampooing my hair all I do is put on whatever deep conditioner I am using, let it sit on my hair for whatever amount of time I can allow it on and then rinse out. Sometimes and only when I feel my hair is really dry do I follow up with a regular rinse off conditioner. Maybe also just for the smell. 🙂 When I do shampoo, it just falls happily in the middle somewhere between shampooing and final rinse/condition.


  • Condition as much as possible. Depending on the style you have, you should aim to condition your hair as much as possible. Whenever I have my hair in twists or braids or any style that can get wet, I usually just spray a bit of water onto my hair until its damp (not wet) and put on a conditioning cap. This allows me to condition my hair as I go about my day without the hassle of stepping in and out of the shower all the time. We all know that water is the best moisturizer for our hair and has really contributed to my healthy and moisturized hair.


4. Use moisturizing creams/products that work for your hair type!

  • This is important because we all have our favourite YTers and when they recommend a product we jump so fast onto the bandwagon that we don’t necessarily stop to think whether the product would work for me. When I first started using leave in conditioners I would use a really runny cream that wouldn’t keep my hair all that moisturised. When I switched to a thick creamy moisturiser (currently my Shea butter mix :-D) I was pleasantly surprised at how moisturised my hair felt after a couple of days. The point I’m tying to make is that you should use the cream texture that matches your hair texture! :-p hehehe I had to.


5. Protective styling!!!!!!!!!!

  • This is a biggie for me! I find that my hair retains moisture for longer if I keep it twisted than if I leave it in an afro after washing it. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that the surface area that is exposed is less than if it were loose; but whatever the science behind it is, it definitely works for me. Try incorporating protective styling here and there and see what difference it makes.


6. Limit your use of heat!

  • I do not have much first hand advice on this since I do not use heat. But if you do, jut ensure that you are using heat protectant and are not overdoing the heat use. I just avoid it altogether and my baby hairs and fringe thank me for it!


7. Be consistent!

  • This is the most important thing that I keep in mind. I follow a pretty much solid regimen (it has been working BOOM!) and keep consistent with what I do. Every week (depending on the style) I will deep condition my hair. Every other day I will condition on the go (AKA baggy) and so on. I follow these tips on a very regular basis to ensure that all the effort that I put in is not in vain.


8. Sleep on silk/satin pillow case or head scarf!

  • I’m sure that nearly every black woman or girl already knows to do this (weave much???) but I thought to mention it because it actually makes soooo much of a difference. It’s a simple yet crucial element that should be part of every girls hair care regimen, NATURAL or not!


I hope that I have been able to show you how I keep my 4c hair (4b???? :-/) moisturized. If there is something you do that I haven’t mentioned, please do share. These are just the major things that I consider really important but the list is definitely not conclusive!


Until the next one,