Hair Update

by missguidedgirl

Hey guys,

so it has been about 3 months and a week since I last  blogged and that is because I kept my braids in for about 3 months!!!!

I wish I could say that this experience was as good as the previous but I don’t even know where to start to describe the entire experience.

The place where I went to get the braids installed was in the heart of Cape Town. The ladies were lovely and really sweet and were offering really low rates. I went with my friend (a link to her blog will be posted at the end) and we thought that we had come across a true gem.

I went in to get medium sized twists put in. I specifically asked the lady to be gentle with my hair and not braid up my baby hair. BUT did she listen to what I asked for?? LOL! No she didn’t. She proceeded to braid tightly, and comb my hair roughly. I didn’t have the patience or energy to fight with her so I just let her proceed. I know, I know my bad! >,<

What I also discovered only halfway through getting my hair done was that she was putting a knot in the braid around my natural hair to secure the braid before she started the twisting process!! I was soooo freakin’ pissed but I felt like there really was no point since she had done about half my head already. Also, I don’t think she knows how else to do the twists. Sigh.

She thought I was insane when I asked her to spritz my hair with a bit of water (plain water) as it was feeling dry when she combed it out or tried to make parts. But when I asked for water she clearly mistook that for something else. Because she offered to spray my hair with this very suspicious amber coloured liquid. I kindly declined that offer and sadly and desperately used water from my water bottle. The looks I got were priceless. LOL

The hairstyle did come out looking quite nice and were neatly done. In fact, I was able to keep my hair in the braids for three months. On my hair that is a miracle.

I didn’t maintain my hair as I should. I didn’t deep condition it. I hardly washed it or oiled my scalp. (very bad, i know 😦 )
and when I took them out I could tell that my hair had suffered. It felt dry and stringy. It was quite knotted and just a tangled mess. The only good thing I can take away from this experience is that at least now I am convinced that my braid regimen when used consistently actually works. Last time my hair felt smooth and luscious and was in great shape.

I decided to put my hair into braids again but before I did that I did an overnight hot oil treatment, a protein treatment the next day and a moisturizing treatment a few days later. My hair felt great but in great need of a trim. But I was too lazy so I braided up my hair. More about that in the next post.

Here are the ingredients to the different treatments I tried:

Hot oil treatment:

Olive oil, grape seed oil and castor oil. I put the mixture of oils in my hair in twisted sections and then placed a plastic bag over it and kept it over night.

Protein treatment:

Sunsilk damage repair (orange bottle) and olive oil ( I didn’t have any plain natural yogurt 😦 ) I washed the oils out and proceeded to place the protein mix on those same sections. I kept that in over night again. The next morning I washed it out and kept the hair in the same twisted sections. I applied oils over my hair to seal in the moisture.

Moisturising treatment:

Mayonaise, eggs, honey, olive oil, castor oil and grape seed oil. A few days later I put in the moisturizing mixture while keeping those same sections and kept in over night under a plastic bag. The next morning I washed it out and twisted my hair into large twists. I used my shea butter mix to seal in the moisture.


See you in the next post!

Missguidedgirl 🙂