My two weeks Protective Style: Medium braids

by missguidedgirl

Just fooling around and showing some love to my water bottle. #Moisturise

I have been wearing these medium braids for almost two weeks. It is low manipulation and saves me a lot of time. This is my go to style when feeling tired and do not want to do 2 strand twists.

My moisturising regimen is pretty much the same as my braids regimen. I spritz daily, I seal in the moisture with my oils or shea butter mix and because I can, I deep condition weekly. I haven’t “washed my hair in almost three weeks but my scalp feels great and is not dirty, flaky or dry. I would go another week without washing it, or even longer, but because I am getting my braids installed I will wash my scalp so as to start off fresh.

FYI: I do cleanse my hair when I deep condition. When I say I haven’t washed my hair, I mean have not done so using shampoo.

I will also do my first ever official length check!!! So excited!! Hopefully, all the techniques that I am applying will pay off.


Ciao ❤