Blog Response to: MyCurlyPotential

by missguidedgirl

Hey girl,
I read your blog post on how you are feeling a little uninspired or rather as you put it “blaah” about your hair. And I wanted to say that I am in the same situation. I used to wear my hair in its shrunken state all the time when it was an awesome TWA stage back in the start of the year, and admittedly, I like that shortness so much that, for the past 2 years, I have been cutting my hair to keep it that  way!

But when I started my HHJ, I couldn’t continue being scissor happy. And now my hair is at that awkward stage where it is long enough to go in a pony tail but too short to be an impressive pony. What I mean, is that it looks like I force my hair into a pony but all that peeps out on the other side is this pathetic looking tiny tuft of hair. :-/
Haha so that is why I am on this protective style challenge. I want my hair to grow out without me having to go through the slow process of hair growth. And what makes it worse is that shrinkage takes away from all the length that we retain. I have actually come to point of feeling like my hair length goal is not a specific length but rather the length my hair would be at in its shrunken state and me actually loving that length.

Anyways, I recommend YouTUBE as a place to get some inspiration. Perhaps you should try more adventurous hairstyles, e.g. half flat twist and puff combo, etc. (I am no style expert :-p) and find that joy again. Or if you don’t mind, put in some braids, weaves, whatever you like and forget about your beloved tresses for a few weeks. That is sure to get you loving your hair again.

But most of all don’t stress too much about your hair. I know a few people who get frustrated with their natural hair and give up and get a  relaxer.

All the best on the journey to inspiration! And when you get there, let me know. I feel I need it too.

❤ Sophs