by missguidedgirl

Hey guys,

So I was sitting on my bed, watching hair vlogs as usual and I noticed that it was raining outside. SO I was inspired to finally get round to posting about how I keep my hair moisturised.
It took me ages, and by ages I mean my entire life, to finally understand what my hair wants and, along the way, I came to learn about how to maintain moiturised strands. I know first hand that kinky hair can be a pain in the nether regions if misunderstood. But I think I have finally cracked the code.

And whether you want to hear it or not the truth is that kinky hair needs a good daily dose of water!

It is so funny to think that for many years I was conditioned to believe that water was the Devil and that rain did not just make you sick but caused hair to get all nasty and stuff. I love the rain and feeling the patter patter of rain drops on my face and, to think that I missed out on sooo many rain dances kills me inside. But like they always say: Better late than never, right?

In the holidays, my hair was in braids so I couldn’t play in it like I wanted. So I moved on to the next best thing. I ambushed my younger sister and convinced her many a times to let me try something on her hair. She didn’t mind at all what I did, but there was one limitation: DO NOT GET MY HAIR WET!!

She straightens her natural hair about once a week (or more) and keeps it in a bun the whole week. She hates having to wash her hair and sometimes goes weeks without washing. That isn’t the issue for me. The problem was that with all that heat styling, where was the  all the moisture??

Thinking of all of that just makes me wander how many people walk around with their scalps calling out for some AGUA!!!!

Lucky for her (in my eyes at least) I am a reformed product junkie and had A LOT of old products to give her. SO I gave her my old moisturisers and deep conditioners and hopefully she uses them every now and then.

For me, it is the complete opposite. I do not use any heat styling at all for many reasons. Mostly, because I do not want to suffer from heat damage but also because it can have a drying effect on the hair, making the need to moisturise all that more important. But also for the fact that I do not feel the need to have straight hair. I once had relaxed hair and for a while it was great. But as I got older, certain things just seemed less important. Oh and I also got a chemical burn of which I was ashamed of. (I actually lied about it and told no one.)

I love having my hair natural because it means that I can walk in the rain. It means I can wash my hair daily if I want. It means that I accept myself for who I am and that I love me for me. This does not make me better than anyone else, but it is just the way I feel.
Anyways, so once I started my hair journey, I researched for hours on end to find the magic product to moisturise and keep my hair moisturised. That’s how I became a product junkie. Learning something new triggered a need to purchase the next best thing but the results were average. I then came across Naptural85’s YOUTUBE channel and my understanding of how to moisturise became clear. Not only did she help strengthen my beliefs about natural organic products but also about using the best moisturiser on earth: WATER!!

I started co-washing and DCing regularly and then sealing in the mositure with an oil mix that I made. No moisturisers, or curling puddings or leave in conditoners, etc etc ETC. All of that in my opinion is a result of market research gone right and companies giving you what you want to believe you need. All of those products do the same thing. They are just labelled differently. Some products do work really well, but when the same product line has 5 different types of moisturising creams for different days of the week that is when I start to zone out. I have seen that with a simple regimen, you can achieve the same goals. Whether you use natural products or not.

It all starts with one drop.

I have found success in using water as a moisturiser and sealing it in with my shea butter mix. It is not whipped or anything special but it’s a nice creamy moistirising sealant that does not suffocate the hair shaft, so that when I spray my water on my hair at night the water penetrates and reaches the cortex of  the hair.
She (Naptural85) is not the only vlogger I recommend for 4c hair. Check out judy4all, Dawnyele, Pookinapp 16 and I’ll leave a few other names in the comments section below. Not all of them use natural products but they have simple regimens. ( They don’t all have 4b/c hair but the tips are good regardless).

So here is my regimen for when my hair is out and about (Not in braids but can be in twists.):

I wash my hair once a month or so. Sometime more often. And sometimes less often. It all depends on what I have done with my hair.

Before I wash my hair I dry finger detangle. Sometimes, when things are quite bad, I use coconut oil. Otherwise I do not really use anything.

Then I put my hair into sections and proceed to deep condition. If I am not lazy I use a homemade deep conditioner. Otherwise I use my ORS Deep Replenishing Conditioner mixed with Olive oil. This is the best deep conditioner for me that I have found. I’m sure there are better out there but NO MORE PJ (Product Junkie) ! Then if it is a shampoo day I will wash my scalp with shampoo and try to avoid the hair shaft as much as possible. Then proceed to rinse of the shampoo as well as the DC which coated my hair shaft. AND DONE. Then I seal it all in with shea butter.
THAT’S IT!!!! So simple. It really works. I suggest you give it a try.
The rest of the time I just spritz my hair with water, once in the morning and once at night. And every few days I would apply some shea butter.
My hair is no longer dry, breaking and brittle. AND NOT BREAKING!!!! xD And that is how we retain length. If you have a regimen that does not work, try to simplify it. Use water on your hair to moisturise and see the results.

PS: All of this could be futile if your techniques are bad. I sleep with a satin scarf. I don’t tug and comb roughly, even though it is moisturised. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: Protective styling really does work. It doesn’t mean braids but a cool style where you do not have to manipulate your hair too much like a bun. Or something even more creative.
Ok my poor fingers are sore. LOOONG POST!

Please do ask ANY questions in the comments below and ‘LIKE’ if you do!!

Boa noite!