Some Styles I have tried so FAR! <3

by missguidedgirl

Hey guys,
just wanted to come on here and share with you some styles I have tried with my hair in the past year or so!!

I was not really too exciting with my styles but the pompadour was a staple style for me when I had relaxed hair, due to my thick hair just not laying FLAT! And I still LOVE it!! ❤

So I tried mini twits. They were meant to be in for at least 3 weeks or more but I thought I would get new braids installed. I took them out and turns out I didn’t have the time to do the braids. So sad! 😦 But they shrunk SOOOO MUCH! ❤

What more can I say!!!! I love the AFRO. I LOVE my AFRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤

Have a lovely Thursday!!!!!!!