Let’s TWIST TWIST TWIST!! [Protective Styling: 2 Strand Twists]

by missguidedgirl

Hey all!
So last week or so I wrote that I had redone my edges and planned to keep my box braids for  further month, right? Well, a week later I broke down and removed them. HAHA When my hair was relaxed I could keep braids in for months on end. However, turns out that that is not the case with my natural hair.

I removed the braids two nights ago. After taking them out I deep conditioned using plain yogurt, olive oil and honey. The honey and olive oil was to moisturise and the yogurt to add some protein to my shafts after 2 months of neglect. I then followed with a normal shampoo and conditioner.

**Note: My regimen only involves the use of completely 100% natural products. I will explain why this is important for me in my how to maintain moisture post!! ❤

I then proceeded to put my hair into rollers. I did this to stretch my hair to prepare it for the mini twists.

When the roller set had dried I finger combed most of the curls out and sectioned of the front and sides of my hair, while tying the rest back. I then began to twist. It took me about 9 hours, including breaks, to finish off. AND they look great.


My new nightly routine is amazing. It leaves my hair bouncy in the morning, gives my hair body as supposed to being squished and flat and will keep my hair protected for the next three to four weeks. I will not wash my hair while in the twists as that cause tangling. I will just spritz very lightly some water on my hair and, every now and then, add my shea butter mix. I will oil my scalp when need arises. But no more than once a week.

I would film how I stretch my hair but I don’t have a decent camera yet BUT I just follow Naptural85’s “How to Maintain Mini Twists for 4 Weeks” video and tips. Check out her blog at:       http://www.naptural85.com/

Here’s the link to her video:        http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P60mRRrcKPQ&feature=plcp
Anyways, I hope that this helps. Protective styling with mini twists is a great way to protect your hair while still having fun with it.


Have a great weekend!
**Note: Most of my information comes from her and my experimentation of her techniques.

Protective Styling: Two strand twists

I plan to keep these in for at least a month. When I take them out, I’ll be getting some box braids again! xD