by missguidedgirl


I feel like it has been ages since I put in the braids. It has only been like a month and a half but already I wanna take ’em out. But, alas, I still remember why I put them in so no-no-NO. I will not be fooled and tempted like in the past.

I know for a fact that I am retaining a crazy amount of length, and by crazy, I mean probably ALL, which is awesome!!

Also, I am back in Cape Town for the second semester and the weather isn’t great but the air is so moist that I know at least my hair will be enjoying it muito!

Oh and I just wanted to gush a bit: My boyfriend greeted me at the bus station with two 2 TWO bunches of roses. How sweeeet right? Aaaaah so happy!!! 😀

Oh and one last update: I rebraided the the front row of twists(braids) just keep them looking fresh and wow the hair is so soft. Usually, my hair would be all crunchiness and craziness but not this time: MOISTURISED babay!

Anyways, I hope you are all well.

Talk soooon,