Unofficial Length Check.

by missguidedgirl

Hey guys,

hope that you aren’t freeeeeezing in the crazy cold winter of the southern hemisphere. And if you find yourself above the equator, happy summerlings! 😀

So I have exciting news!! So…. I was bored one day and really missing my hair. In the past it would get so bad that I would end up taking out my braids, and I would be left with tooo much hair. Very sad. So this time I decided to do a mini very unofficial length check to make myself happy. And YAY I was amazed at the results!!! Overall, I have retained between 2 and 5 centimetres!!! Yay (That would be uhm like between almost an inch to almost 2 inches??) Sorry. Anyways! Yay this is great!! I remember measuring my hair back in May?? Not sure, but it wasn’t toooo long ago. And at that timne I had about 10 cm of hair!! xD

So anyways, Im really excited. I hope that I reach my goals. I figured if I have 15inches hair it would make me BSL.


I hope that this inspires you! Please share your stories.