Box Braids (Twists) Regimen.

by missguidedgirl

Hi guys,

I just quickly want to share my regimen for when I am wearing braids for an extended period of time.

I usually keep them in for 3 months minimum. I try to redo the edges or pull them out as necessary.

So this is what I do regularly:


I spray my entire head with water from my spray bottle, including the edges. Two to three times a day. Sometimes four times.

I sometimes alternate between the water and the braid spray or I might just use both if necessary.

Sleep with my silk scarf.


Every few days I will rub my mixture of oils on my scalp.


I don’t really have a set schedule for washing or deep conditioning my braids but I will wash every three weeks or so and deep condition always a week after washing. I don’t get a lot of product build up so as long as I’m spraying my hair daily I won’t have a problem with moisture.

It’s a great protective style if done correctly. But my hair loves braids so for me this is the must have protective style on a long term basis. More on protective styling coming up next.

Hope that helps guys.

Valeu! xD