My hair goals for 2012

by missguidedgirl

Hey everyone,

another quick post. So I just want to discuss my hair goals with you all.

To be honest I am kinda making them up as I go along. But these are things I have been thinking of doing for the past few months. (subconsciously)

So without further delay:

1. To continue to implement best practice hair care techniques in my regimen.

2. To make the health of my hair the main goal. (should be number one hey?)

3. To come up with a fool proof regimen for my hair that is consistent. ( Although I kinda do have one, it still changes quite regularly due to being a product junkie.)

4. To stop being a product junkie. :-p

5. To take length check photos every few months (perhaps 4 months) to track my hair progress. This is important because even though I know I am retaining length, I don’t actually know what my average growth rate is, and I am curious.

I would do an initial length check now BUT my hair is now in box braids. So it will be about another two months before I unleash the beast again. However, for the sake of my sanity I will do a general description of the length of my hair before I braided.

Note: I did do a major trim in January and then a mini trim in May. Anyways.

Front: To just above the tip of my nose.

Above ears: Halfway between chin and ear. About.

Crown: Not sure. But roughly the same.

Nape: Close to shoulder length.

Hopefully, when I take out my braids my somewhat hardwork (not really) will pay off.

Until later,