Hair typing (and my hair type).

by missguidedgirl


Not sure if I actually get all the hype about this. I mean, you can try and define yourself in some category, but it won’t change the hair growing out of your scalp.

It is helpful though when it comes to product usage and handling techniques. Hmmm.

I don’t think I am against the hair typing system but it doesn’t and shouldn’t change how you view hair. My kinks are just as gorgeous as someone who has a loose curl. If it comes out of your head then OWN IT.

I would describe my hair as 4c predominantly. I do have some 4a curls in the back but it really isn’t enough to call myself half 4a. Funny thing, I never ever in all my two years of being natural before taking care of my hair, saw any 4a type curls in my hair. And I think that the reason why I can see them now is because my hair is ultra moisturised. So yes, moisture is critical!

Anyways, in the nape area, I have the loose 4a curls, not coils per se, but an s-type curl pattern. I always wondered why it was so easy to detangle that part and the hardest to keep in two strand twists. :-p I have about 50 to 60 per cent shrinkage in that area.

In the crown is where all the fun is. Its the tightest curl patch that I have on my head. Its the hardest to detangle and the coarsest of my hair. I have about 80 per cent shrinkage there.

The front and sides are pretty much average. Tight and tiny coils with about 70 percent shrinkage. The strands are fine to medium.

I shall post pictures in due course.

My kind of hair is AWESOME! It can be straight if I wish it to be. Or huge afro crazy. Or plated, twisted, braided etc. The variety is amazing. And I’m not afraid of the rain. YAY!!

I’ll be sharing what I have learned about moisture, protein, sealing, ACV etc. that is relevant to our type of hair. We see all kinds of videos and regimens on youtube but very few ladies have 4c hair. Their hair is amazing but I just wish I had as much info on my hair type.

Sorry so many posts at once but I feel like writing.

Boa noite,