And so the journey begins!!! :-D

by missguidedgirl

Hey guys,

So for about a week I have been on holiday. So great!! And although all the exercise and study plans have already flown out of the window (giggles), I must admit that this is the first time that I feel completely at rest this year. And why should I feel bad? I had the most hectic semester EVER! What a shock to the system. Being a finalist undergrad student does take its toll on the body. And the mind. And to top it all off, I have a lovely auditing project keep me busy, alongside studying for exams and vac work! When does the crazy end??

Anyways the main reason for this post was to officially kick start my natural hair growth journey. Well at least documenting it. I never really was into the whole “how long can it grow” or “my hair length goal is…” vibe. I was (or am?) a “as long as my hair is not a major thing in my life” type of girl. But ever since I took my first steps into the realm of natural hair care, I have become obsessed with all the different things there are to know. I can’t help asking people what their regimens are or what products they use. My hunt for all natural hair care products has taken over most of my free time (OK not really) and frankly, I think I am a FREAK. :-p

But it has been an empowering journey. I still have a lot to learn but all I know is that I am the master of my hair. It no longer is this crazy mess of wired strands but rather my fluffy lovely pillow made of love. Hehe. I no longer experience any breakage and if I do, I know exactly what to do to combat it. My hair is consistently moisturized and I have been retaining length.

I never intended on going on a natural hair journey. When I cut my hair it was because I was tired of my brittle relaxed hair. Initially, my plan was to grow my hair all over again in order to relax it again. But after I saw how amazing natural hair was and all the hairstyles that I could rock, I threw out my dreams of relaxed hair and said “Hello au naturelle!”

But anyways I hope that my journey as a 4c natural blogger will inspire one of you out there to grow natural hair and take of yourselves.

Until next time,

Valeu 😀