My first blog!

by missguidedgirl

Hey everyone and anyONE who happens to stumble onto may page.

Welcome! My very first blog. I must say I am quite excited. Yippeeee (happy dance and all).

I write “one” in bold because I don’t really know what to expect at all. Nor do I think that my blog is going to be the buzz of the town.

But alas, I guess I just felt the need to have a space where I could share my views on whatever ticks me off for the day, or excites me. And believe me, everyday something MUST happen.

And perhaps, just maybe, I will document my hair journey as a natural. I won’t lie, I do feel like natural hair blogs are becoming somewhat overrated but BUT this is a free space and more importantly MY own space.

So if you enjoy YAY! If not, don’t let the door hit you on your way out! :-p