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My COMPLETE Hair Routine For Fuller, Healthier, Shinier Hair (4C Natural Hair)

Hi guys!




So I have a habit of being wordy and never getting to the point. Let’s just get right into it:


I do not have a set schedule on when I do my hair. I just go along by the look and feel of my hair.

I especially go by the feel of my hair. If it feels manageable and won’t break when I style it then I most likely won’t co-wash it that day. I can go anywhere between a few days to a few weeks without co-washing my hair. It really just depends on how much TLC I have been giving my hair.

Having said that, I realise that it is impossible to explain my routine with all these “I do my hair on a whim..” statements. So I will base the routine on the assumption that I do my hair every week. 🙂 *Perfect world* 🙂

Co-Wash Routine

I wash my hair and scalp with a conditioner instead of shampoo. This is known as co-washing (conditioner washing). This method of washing is more gentle for afro textured hair as it still manages to cleanse the scalp, while still being gentle and moisturising.

My favourite conditioner for the longest time now is the Revlon Flex line of conditioners. They are inexpensive and easily accessible. But most importantly, it is super thick and creamy which gives it tons of slip, which makes detangling my thick strands of hair so easy, even when my hair has gone for faaaaar too long without being detangled.

Usually I’ll add a generous amount of Olive oil, castor oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, you name it to the conditioner to make it more nourishing for my hair.

So I detangle my hair with the conditioner in my hair, twist it up into sections and put it under a conditioning cap for about 30 -45 minutes (or like me, overnight because I can :-p)

I do not use a comb or brush on my hair 99% of the time. I just use my fingers and it works fine for me. (Sometimes my hair needs more than fingers, so then I use a detangling brush.)


Then when I am in the shower or over a sink, I rinse the product out while making sure to massage my scalp to lift and rinse out any dirt. I twist  up the sections and proceed to the next step.



I always use organic, unrefined, 100% natural shea butter and whatever oils I have on hand to style my hair. I take it section at a time when styling my hair. This makes it easier to handle the amount of hair I have and keeps everything organised. I make sure to be quite generous with the amount of product I apply to ensure that my hair does not dry out over the course of the days till my next styling session. I use my fingers for this process as well.

I usually wear the twists in, as a protective style for a few days or for a week or two. Then either I re-twist my hair or take the twists out for a twist out, afro, etc.

Every night, or as needed, I spritz my hair with water and apply a bit more product to ensure my hair hair stays moisturised.



Just some other points to mention:

– I sleep every night with a satin scarf on my head. EVERY NIGHT. It makes a difference. Especially on a cumulative basis.

– I drink TONS of water. It’s actually annoying. But makes a huge difference

– Patience. It’s taken me almost 3 years to get a decent head of hair. And I’m still faaaaar from where I want to be.


If you have any questions, let me know in the comments. Or tweet me. And check out my YouTube channel for more information.


Lots of love,

Missguidedgirl4 xo






Back in the swing of things!

Hello beautiful people!

It’s been ages! But guess who is a double graduate from the University of Cape Town? Me!!!!

Post grad was real guys so yeah, I think my absence was somewhat justified.

But I miss this creative outlet that blogging making youtube videos allowed me so I am back with a vengeance! 😀

Happy New Year (a week late!) ! Hope you are all fabulous. I have months of blog posts to catch up on! Eep!


New posts to come soon! Look out for that!

Ciao, missed ya! :-*


Some pics!

My latest helfies!!!!! (Hair selfie=helfie?? :-p)


PIC_0493 PIC_0504 PIC_0511 PIC_0211 PIC_0217 PIC_0205 PIC_0392 PIC_0237 PIC_0319 PIC_0353 PIC_0400 PIC_0414 PIC_0412 PIC_0418 PIC_0436 PIC_0456 PIC_0459 PIC_0521 PIC_0005 PIC_0031 PIC_0053 PIC_0078 PIC_0097 PIC_0106 PIC_0136 PIC_0146 PIC_0177 PIC_0191 PIC_0187

New Videos on the YT!

After a half year long hiatus, I’ve gotten back into things. Slowly.


Check out my latest videos!










Wow… It has been a while.

I don’t even know where to start.


So I’ll start by saying I am back to this. I missed it. Something that allowed me to write, create, think and share. Sometimes good, other times average. But always fun.


I am not naturally creative. I am no hippie poem-writing girl. But I still like to know that I can just sit down behind the screen and just let it out.


So thanks internet, thank you people for reading my…stuff.

Hair posts and pics shall ensue tomorrow. 🙂


Missguidedgirl xoxo

Update: Scalp, grad,etc.

Hello beautiful people!

I am still riding high on the joy of knowing that in less than 2 weeks I will  be a graduate of a university!! It still shocks me! I remember thinking in high school that graduating was a long-off, distant, one-day-to-be milestone that wasn’t tangible at all. Now the moment has finally arrived and I can’t believe it!!

I still have one more year of grueling study and tests and exams. But at least it is ONE year and not another 3 or more years. 😀

I bought my shoes already and I will do a post on all things grad: From hair to outfit to shoes to jewelry.

Anyways, about my scalp. A few weeks ago I had a terrible chemical burn to my scalp where 100% of the skin peeled and shed off. LUCKILY there does not seem to be a lasting effect that is detrimental to the health of my hair. I have been keeping my hair routine quite simple as usual and I think I have found a staple constant regimen that works for me. I’ve been consistent with what I do and I don’t see myself changing it up anytime soon. I’ll update you on that in Jan. I just wanna try it out for a few more weeks to be sure.

Here are some recent pics. My hair has been looking so good. 😀

How have you been??

Hair LookBook :D + I’m graduating!!!!!!!!!!!



This year has finally ended! Well, tertiary education wise. I write this blog officially as a soon-to-be graduate of the University of Cape Town!


I received my final results and they were pretty good. I’m going to be doing a post graduate honours programme next year so the studying is not over.


Can’t wait for the next journey in my life. 😀


Here are some pics from the last couple of weeks where I was unable to blog! I’ve missed you all. 😀








Snapshot 1 (25-Nov-13 11-41)














Fun Ideas – Natural Hair Quizzes

Haha! These are cool!


Aloha Lovely Ladies,

Learning about our tresses is a joy, the more we know, the better we will take care of our gorgeous manes. 

Here are 3 fun ways to learn more about yourself and your hair personality.

  1. Ishimma – 8 Types of Naturalistas, Which One Are You?foundhere.
  • My Results are: Miss Excited, I Just Can’t Hide It
  1. Hair Liberty – Hair ID Quiz, found here.
  • My Results are: Hair ID # 4
  1. My Long Hair Journey – Which Hair Warrior Are You?, found here.
  • My Results are: Hair Fighter 

Click on the links & away you go, be sure to share with all your natural and transitioning friends too,  you will make them smile 🙂

 Thank you girls for reading & Have a Lovely Evening.

“Isle of Azure”

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Some Pics for a Change!

It is getting there!!














Aftermath.. :( + Shout Out!!!

“You were stupid. But you learned from it…”




Feeling depressed…

Ok. Not really. First of all, there is too much for me to be grateful about for me to be depressed about my hair. If worst case scenario were to happen, I already know what I look like with short hair. So no biggie.


My scalp feels ‘better’ in the sense that it isn’t inflamed/irritated anymore. Today the healing process started to show. My scalp is shedding the top layer of skin that was ‘burnt’ by the shampoo. I realise that it is going to take a few weeks to completely shed. And I guess I am ok with. it LOL! No choice about it, really..


I am concerned though that my hair is going to fall out. I don’t mind having short hair (eventually I will need to cut it off) but I can’t deal with the thought that I may have patchy awkward looking thin/sparse hair. So if it sheds, I will cut it all off and start over.

Which to be honest, I am kind of excited to do (if I have to). I don’t know. Longer hair requires so much more effort and I am tired. I just want/need a break. If it doesn’t shed though, YAY. LOL Contradiction much? But I am getting closer and closer to my goal of a huge fro. And that excites me. I just don’t think I like this in between stage. It’s not short but it’s defo not long. Meh :/

Anyways, just thought to update.


Thank you to IsleofAzure ( 


She has been super comforting (like my mommy) 🙂 *blush* and I dunno, if she hadn’t commented I think I would have died of utter hopelessness. And now I truly understand the value of a comment. Check out her blog!!! She is super sweet cool and writes well. 🙂


Be smart!



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